Expressing one’s self through a custom-designed home is often beyond the financial reach of many buyers. We believe our method of construction can be a design and production technology that has the potential to deliver affordable, high-quality homes.We believe our homes will perfectly match our homeowner’s taste – and nicely fit in their budgets.

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3140 Pennsylvania Avenue
3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the heart of Benton Park West.

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3103 Magnolia Street
3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the heart of Tower Grove East – just blocks from South Grand Shopping.

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3105 Magnolia Street
3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the heart of Tower Grove East – just minutes from the park.

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Building new construction within existing neighborhoods requires a creative approach to being both a good builder and a good neighbor. Our forty-five day build period speaks for itself. Once the foundation is poured we can schedule delivery and 6 hours later hand the keys to our on-site contractor with little more than a trash bag of construction waste. Thirty days later the home is ready to be called home.

To achieve the goal of attracting a creative group of homeowners who are passionate about city living, the ecological footprint of the home they live in and the feeling of expressing one’s self through their modern dwelling - we have chosen to build a home that reflects our future homeowners. We also believe that predominant mass-market housing largely fails to meet the desires of this group of prospective homeowners who appreciate a higher-designed home with an emphasis on more features and less space.

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